About Us

Rebel V plant-based clothing was born in 2022, sparked by a passion for all things vegan.

I began my vegan journey in 2019. Initially, this was purely for health reasons, but now it is so much more. I always say I came for the health but stayed for the animals. 

I was looking for a vegan slogan t shirt. While searching online, I stumbled across the fact that some vegan clothing is manufactured in a not vegan-friendly way. Indeed, some clothing companies are cashing in on the growing vegan community and happily use non-vegan materials, inks and methods to sell you a vegan t shirt! 

I was inspired to start my own vegan, sustainable clothing company. I wanted to create premium vegan t shirts and other ethical clothing. With designs that appeal to adults and children alike. Cool vegan clothing that provokes discussion in a light-hearted way. It was vital for me to also cater for children. They are becoming ever more aware of the current climate crisis. They are very open to following a plant-based/vegan lifestyle. 

I knew wool, leather, and suede weren't vegan but hadn't considered other clothing. 

After much research and hours spent on Ecosia (like the search engine beginning with 'G', but they plant trees!) I found the perfect screen printing company that uses only PETA approved vegan inks on 100% organic cotton PETA approved clothing. They have outstanding sustainability credentials (see more on our sustainability page). You will understand why I chose them. 

I decided to use only 100% organic cotton. Although polyester, be it recycled or not, is vegan, it is not however great for the environment. All our organic cotton t shirts are 100% plant-based.

I then extensively researched everything needed: packaging supplies, garment labels, labels, stickers, and printer inks. I wanted to make sure everything was of the highest quality, made in the most environmentally-friendly way and vegan-friendly.

Sustainability was a big priority, so in addition to being cruelty-free, all our premium t shirts and packaging are 100% plastic-free. 

All our cool and trendy designs have been created by me and only make it to production if approved by the harshest critics, AKA my children! 

Our designs are timeless and classic, manufactured to a high quality and designed to last the test of time. 

We are a gender-neutral clothing brand. All our clothing is unisex. 

So if you are looking for the perfect vegan gift or want to treat yourself and are looking for clothing to reflect your environmental values, you've come to the right place. Shop now for our ethical, sustainable unisex clothing for adults and children.

Each purchase subtlety spreads awareness of the ethical plant-based fashion movement. Spread some plant-based love in an un-preachy way.

If you are vegan, vegan-curious, plant-based, environmentally conscious, or want to move away from fast fashion, you are welcome here. 

Our mission is to spread compassion for all species and Mother Earth by creating high-quality garments that are responsibly and ethically made. 

Rebel V may be small, but we have big ambitions. Many new designs are in the pipeline, so watch this space, rebels. 

Much love 

Gemma x