Charity donations

Rebel V believe that it is essential to give back, so have decided to make regular donations to charity.

We have chosen to support Food For Life Global, which is one of our favourite vegan organisations.

Founded in 1974, Food for Life Global is one of the most extensive non-profit plant-based food relief programs globally. The organisation has thousands of volunteers in 60 countries and, over the years, has provided billions of free plant-based meals.

In doing so, Food For Life Global uplifts people. They improve the health of the people they help and lift them out of food poverty. All while spreading the message of compassionate living along the way.

The charity aims to create peace and prosperity throughout the world through the “liberal distribution of plant-based meals prepared with loving intention.” The charity and its affiliates currently have more than 200 projects that serve up to two million meals daily.

Food For Life Global also assists in disaster relief efforts. They provide healthy meals for those who have been displaced and left hungry. The organisation is also actively involved in animal rescue missions.

People • Planet • Profit